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EINNAF Junior Ambassador Program is set to positively impact the community. At EINNAF we produce WORLD CHANGERS! We pride ourselves in helping young ladies excel as LEADERS, INFLUENCERS,

This program was created by EINNAF founder, Denise Wiggins, to provide a venue for young entrepreneurial minds to find a place of creativity and success. Through the Ambassador Program
business her daughter, granddaughter and other young ladies are equipped to be successful in both life and business.

The Junior Ambassador program is designed with the student in mind. We seek to increase confidence, career development strategies, positive self-image, solid money management skills
and a lifelong sisterhood that will be beneficial to their community.

So why are we introducing the Junior Ambassador program? We value the potential of today’s youth.

The program offers an opportunity for young ladies from ages 8 to 17 to become business owners as well as introduce them to various life skills and training opportunities from highly
recognized professional business owners within various industries.

What are the perks?  As a EINNAF Junior Ambassador you will receive special discounts on new product launches, first look and early notice on celebrity collections, percentage from sales tracked through your unique code for promoting to your followers and exclusive invitations to events, contest and more! 

Business Requirement:  All Junior Ambassadors must commit to their business by signing up for the $10/mo reoccurring fee and order their initial product kit to become ACTIVE.  This should be done immediately.  
All registration information is essential to your business profile. 
Please provide all requested information. 
Do not leave boxes blank.  

1.  What is EINNAF?  EINNAF Cosmetics is a, high-quality  lipstick line founded by CEO & Visionary, Denise Wiggins.  Over the last six years. EINNAF has grown to acquire customers in all 50 states, while collaborating with celebrities such as MC Lyte,  Coko of SWV & Lela Brown from the Disney Show Let's Roll.  This Women's Empowerment Brand strives to give young girls the tools and opportunity to launch their own business and build wealth.

2.  How will EINNAF benefit me?  As a Junior Ambassador, you have the ability to sell the full lipstick line for EINNAF.  For every customer who orders via your product link, you will gain 25% commission.  You also have the ability to gain bonuses on referred Ambassadors and access to coaching and training from successful experts.

3.  How do I become ACTIVE?  To successfully launch your business, you need to register and show your commitment to actively participating in the Junior  Ambassador program.  While Denise desires to make this opportunity open to young girls globally, those that register need to be ready to promote the products and work to grow their business.  To become ACTIVE: (1) You must register for the monthly business fee of $10.00 a month  &  purchase your initial product kit.

4.  What is the monthly business fee?  The only reoccurring business fee for the EINNAF Junior Ambassador program is $10/month.  This is due by the 5th of every month and is your fee to run your business and license to promote the products.  The $10 fee is drafted from samcart monthly.  If you haven't signed up for your re-occurring draft, please do so to become or remain active.

5.  How do I promote the product?  When you register, you will be assigned an affiliate link.  If you look under the INFO tab, in your back office, the first link that you see is your affiliate link.  Share this link to gain customers.  As someone clicks on your link and orders, you will gain commission.

6.  How do I refer Ambassadors?  Send them your referred link to sign up as an Ambassadors and receive a $10.00 bonus once the Ambassador is ACTIVE.  (To become active, they will need to register and sign up for their monthly fee and purchase their initial product kit.)

7.  Is there a cap or referrals?  YES, 10 new referrals a month

8.  My customer has a problem with their order.  Rarely shipping mistakes do occur.  If you have any customer issues, simply email [email protected]  The customer service team will work to ensure the customer is taken care of.  Please work to ensure all customer issues are emailed and address quickly.

9.  I have an issue with my back office:  For any back office issues or questions on Refersion, please email the IT Team at: [email protected]

10.  Where do we send forms and Agreements:  These documents should be completed and emailed to [email protected]

11.  Are there training's to help me build my business:  YES!  The EINNAF Leadership Team are dedicated to your success.  Please access your training documents in the corporate Facebook group: .  Here you will find the handbook, checklist & presentation documents under FILES.  Please review all posts under Announcements and watch all posted video training's there as well.  If, after reviewing all training information, you don't find what you need, please reach out to our leadership team at [email protected]